Dead Man Walking – Live Session

There have been a few songs in our live set that are just incredible fun to play but most likely won’t be on any serious future release of ours. Nevertheless we decided to share them with you – so in early October we went and recorded three of those songs live and acoustic.

“Dead Man Walking – Live Session” is available on iTunes with the artwork below:

On that note,
Happy Halloween!

Dead Man Walking Cover1

Watch our new single and music video “Run”

We are proud to present our new song “Run” to you.

Great thanks to everyone involved making this video, we are more than glad.

It will soon be available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon MP3. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our mailing list on the side of the main page to stay in touch.

Also we are drawing three people who publicly share our release-post on Facebook to receive one of our printed bags with the “I have this feeling you don’t want to know…” artwork, check it out!


Introducing Aaron


Last year we got to know Aaron as a fellow student of Sebastian, now and then they met up to jam and mess around. Later on in spring we came up with the idea of asking him if he would like to accompany us on guitars for a few concerts. He agreed and as the last months went by our thoughts grew louder on asking him to join the band. Now, Aaron is our new member on additional guitars and bass. Say hello if you come around, he’s a great guy.

Also we have a small set of photos taken with all of us in them. Visit the tab Media/Gallery to have a look!


Show Update:

Saturday the 16th we’ll be playing an additional gig at the “Gamescom City Festival” in Cologne
– 15:00, VRS-Stage, Hohenzollernring

A small gift from us: “Forgive Me”


As time passes by we write and play a lot of songs without ever recording or releasing them, leaving them behind as we look on forward. “Forgive Me” was in just that danger, but instead we decided to share it with you. Just hit the download button on the embedded player.

Best regards,
Vincent, Sebastian and Manuel

It’s no longer just us two…

m one

Those of you who got to see us play recently, might have noticed that something is different.

We always enjoyed the intensity and dynamics of being a duet, and that for sure won’t get lost. But throughout the last two years, we always carried the inner wish to expand. Now we are glad to finally welcome our third Member:

Manuel Krzyzniewski !

He now is our percussionist/drummer and has a lot to add to our music, which we are really excited about…

So – All the best,

Vincent, Sebastian and Manuel